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நித்யாநுஸந்தானம்: வடகலை (Book)

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Nithyanusandhanam stands for daily practice. In the Srivaishnava parlance, it stands for the practice and recitation of certain divya prabandhams of the Azhvars, and some works of the Acharyas. The actual set varies from location to location. In this book, a mostly common set of these are collected together, and through the break up of compound words is presented in an easy to read format.

1. Podhu Thaniyangal

2. Thiruppallandu

3. Thiruppalliyezhuchchi

4. Thiruppavai

5. Neerattam

6. Thirumanjchana Pasurangal

7. Poochchuttal

8. Kaappidal

9. Senniyongu

10. Amalanadhi Piran

11. Kanninun Siruththambu

12. Kovil Thiruvaymozhi

13. Ramanuja Nutrandhadhi

14. Adaikkala Paththu

15. Adikaara Sangraham

16. Prabandha Saaram

17. Pillai Andhadhi

18. Nyaasa Dashakam

19. Desika Mangalam

20. Sarrumurai

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நித்யாநுஸந்தானம்: வடகலை (Book)

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